Minkštas švinas TRAKKER Tungsten Rig Putty 20g

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Introducing Tungsten Rig Putty, the ultimate solution for carp anglers seeking superior terminal tackle. This high-density putty is crafted with premium tungsten, ensuring optimal weight and versatility. Its pliable texture allows effortless molding, enabling precise adjustments to rig presentation. With its superior density, the Tungsten Rig Putty ensures a secure and balanced setup, enhancing bait presentation and increasing chances of success. Whether you’re fine-tuning your hair rigs or securing leaders, this carp terminal tackle essential provides unmatched performance. Upgrade your angling arsenal with Tungsten Rig Putty and experience the difference in your carp fishing endeavors.

  • Easy to mould to swivels or hooklinks
  • Ideal for critically balancing pop-up presentation
  • Pins the hooklink to the lakebed

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Svoris 20 g
Išmatavimai 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Pilka, Ruda, Žalia


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