GURU 2022- QM1 Bait Band Ready Rigs 4″/10cm

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Guru Tackle – 2022- QM1 Bait Bands Ready Rigs 4″/10cm

The QM1 has stood the test of time as one of the most reliable commercial hook patterns and the 4”/10cm Banded QM1 Ready Rigs work perfectly with baits like pellets, wafters, boilies and maggots. The 4”/10cm length is the ideal length to cover Method, Hybrid and Pellet feeder situations.

In the 10, 12 and 14 sizes we have improved the line diameter options to offer even more choice in these larger sizes.

Each Ready Rig is tied using the highest quality components available to create the best possible Rig. The super strong N-Gauge line is used on each rig, offering supreme strength and durability.

The sizes range from a 16 right through to a 10 and each spool comes supplied with 8 hooks.


  • QM1 hook pattern
  • 4”/10cm length
  • Improved line diameter options
  • More choice in these larger sizes
  • Tied with N-Gauge line

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12 x 0,22mm, 14 x 0,19mm, 16 x 0,17mm, 10 x 0,19mm, 10 x 0,22mm, 12 x 0,19mm, 14 x 0,17mm