PRESTON Carp Mesh Keepnet 4m

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Three brand new additions to the Carp Mesh range of keepnet’s have all the key features the modern day angler requires. Manufactured from a  black ultra durable fish freindly material these nets are set to be a firm favourite amongst many anglers. All the net’s in the range benefit from a number of key feature’s such as our reliable FIX ANGLE, pull through handles and built in rod rest which make for the ultimate in keepnet design.

2.5m – The perfect choice for the modern day commercial angler, these net’s are the optimal length for when fishing close to you or „down the edge”.

3m – A true all-round Keepnet desgnied to meet the demand’s of huge nets of carp on commercials to big bags of silver’s on the river this net will do it all.

4m – Designed specifically for those larger or deeper venue’s where the added length is required while maintaining all the key characteristc’s of the other models within the range.

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