AVID CARP Screen House 3D Compact

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The smallest in the Screen House range, feature packed and perfect for the solitary angler who needs additional space on longer sessions.
The perfect place to shelter from the elements be it rain or sun the Screen House 3D Compact is the perfect place to cook and socialize on longer sessions in the UK and abroad.
The Screen House 3D Compact is a great alternative to a bivvy, offering more comfort and room.
The increased headroom and larger footprint makes it very popular with many anglers, particularly on the continent where more equipment is used. The simple construction process makes the shelter a joy to use, the simple frame structure also results in a concise pack down size.
The Screen House 3D Compact features the same 10,000mm hydrostatic material as all of the Screen Houses in the range, meaning you will remain dry and comfortable no matter what the weather.
Featuring high quality camo mesh that provides protection from bugs and critters as well as vital sun protection.
  • Mesh and solid door option
  • Smaller footprint for use in smaller swims
  • Camo mesh
  • 10,000mm hydrostatic material
  • Quick and easy construction of shelter
  • Small pack down size
  • Perfect Bivvy alternative with increased headroom
  • Dimensions (cm) 170 x 235 x 234
  • Bag Size (cm) – 30 x 25 x 60
  • Weight – 10.1kg

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