SBS Flumino Groundbait Mixer 1L- N-Butyric

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The contents of the World Record All In Flumino Box can be bought separately, as well, such as the Flumino Groundbait Mixer liquid. It will be launched in four flavours, two are recommended for cold waters, two for summer angling. This product was developed by the manufacturer for the groundbaits available in the All In Flumino Box; these products form a fantastic pairing. The 500 ml liquid is a sufficient quantity for the mixing of exactly 1 kg Flumino Groundbait. The overall impact of the mixed groundbait can be further enhanced with the Flumino Liquid Concentrate attractor. Out of this fluorescent, high-amino-containing liquid concentrate only a few drops are required on the groundbait, in the feeder or on the PVA mesh. If you want to get really quick results, choose the Flumino.

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Svoris 1100 g
Išmatavimai 10 × 01 × 20 cm


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