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The Power Spod is supplied with an oversized spool allowing the line to leave the spool smoothly during a cast and the large rotor takes in a 85cm of line per every turn. These points make the Power Spod the ideal reel for quick and efficient spodding.

– 2 ball bearings + 1 needle bearing
– One way clutch anti reverse
– Aluminium spool with 2 metal line clips
– Graphite housing and rotor
– Wormshaft oscillation system with power drive main shaft
– Large oversized bail wire and twist free line roller
– Aluminium CNC handle with power grip
– Balanced rotor with anti line tangle brushes
– Multi-disc drag system with protection against the elements

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Svoris 560 g
Išmatavimai 20 × 15 × 15 cm