Matrix Alloy Open Feeder medium, 30g

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Packed full of fish catching features, the weight forward design makes the larger size perfect for distance fishing, whilst the smaller size is well suited to winter fishing when a minimal amount of feed is needed. Part of the interchangeable system, they are designed for a quick and easy bait application with the raised front end protects your bait from releasing upon impact.

  • Available in 6 sizes: Small 15g & 25g, Medium 30g & 40g, Large 30g & 45g
  • New feeder Quick Bead provided
  • Features new interchangeable system
  • Fully injected alloy for enhance weight distribution
  • Designed to enable quick and easy bait application
  • Weight forward design to aid casting accuracy
  • Raised front to protect bait from releasing on impact
  • Elasticated tubes available separately


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Svoris 30 g
Išmatavimai 20 × 5 × 3 cm