Harrison Aviator Plus 13ft, 3.5lb

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This is our new range of rods and includes middle distance and long range models. Tapers are new, for finer tips and the 1k weave extends to the tip eye. The 13′ Aviator TE is our most pwerful caster, designed for the biggest European lakes.

In 12′ we have two Aviators which fall in either side of the 12′ 3 1/4lb Torrix for power. The Aviator Flex has a slim and more forgiving butt for soaking up the lunges. We give it a 3lb 2oz test curve. The Aviator Plus is 3lb 6oz, and can punch a bait a little further than the Torrix 3 1/4, but manages to do that without needing extra effort from the angler. This rod was designed to be easy to cast by normal anglers on the bankside.

The 13′ Aviator Plus occupies a sweet spot between distance and action and It is turning into one of our hottest sellers. Again, this gives extra distance to the average angler, and loads up gently without punishing less than perfect timing. The more skilled will see even bigger distances. We designed it to slot into the gap in our range between Torrix and Trebuchet Light. An Aviator 13′ spod is now available.

The latest additions are 12’6 Aviator Plus and 13′ “TE” models. The philosophy of the 12’6, rated at 3 1/2lb, is to offer an upgrade path from the popular Torrix 12’6 TE. Just a little more power for a little more distance, but with new tapers, sacrificing nothing in playing ability, and with 1k weave to the tip.

The 13′ Aviator TE is quite different, a beast of a rod for extreme distance. Our most powerful and rugged carp rod yet.

The Aviator 12′ Flex rod pictured below has an optional cork handle,  and below that is a standard rod pictured with a shrink wrap handle.

Aviator blanks are finished with a 1k plain weave on both the butt and tip section.

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