CC MOORE Response +Fruit

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These high quality, P.V.A. – friendly bait boosters have been specifically designed to give an intense boost of attraction to any type of bait you are using. Regardless of when, where and how long they are fishing, the most successful anglers know that all baits must be liquid-boosted as much as possible to increase the speed, strength and duration of their attraction; maximising their chances of success at all times.

Response+ Fruit

This smooth, fruit-infused booster liquid will quickly soak in and add a distinctive citrus-fruit aroma and taste to your baits that is extremely effective in even the coldest water temperatures. Containing natural fruit sugars, essential oils, esters, appetite stimulants and amino acid-rich proteins, this concentrated booster complements any bait and works particularly well on baits with a fruity, creamy and fishy profile.

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